We are wanting to organize travel for away fans to try and bring everyone together, we understand fans do their own thing and travel other ways, and we respect that, but we want to try and unite and get all together.
We will take deposits to secure places on each coach, and we will need to fill it 1 week in advance to run it. 

Please get involved and let's brining the YEDS together in 2022.
We are planning to meet at the Fox and Pine and aiming to be around the away grounds AT-LEAST 1 hour before kick off, so fans can have a drink.

Saturday 14th May | 5:15 K.O


11:30-12:00 from the Fox & Pine.
Drop off in Colwyn Bay for a few hours so you can have drink/food or if you fancy it a trip to the beach before we make our way to the ground.


8pm giving fans just over an hour after the game, going back to the Fox & Pine.